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For many of us, buying and renting out properties seemed like a good way to invest our hard earned money and make additional income.  The good news is that the majority of tenants pay their rent on time, and look after the property. However, one bad tenant, refusing or unable to pay their rent or other breaches of the tenancy can leave you significantly out of pocket.


At Aydin & Bright Solicitors our experienced staff can assist you with the following on a fixed fee basis:

  • Eviction of tenants
  • Serving notices
  • Issuing Possession Proceedings, including Court representation
  • Pursuing and Enforcing costs against tenants
  • Advice and Assistance on the Tenant’s Deposit Scheme
  • The law takes eviction very seriously and the whole process must be conducted diligently. The slightest error can result in an adjournment or even the case being struck out which would mean that you would have to start the whole process again.  Delays can be very expensive.

    We offer expert and effective advice as well as providing practical solutions to all your Landlord and Tenant issues. 

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