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In your lifetime you will make various decisions whilst preparing for your future and the future of your family. We offer comprehensive and reliable services to put your mind at rest both during your lifetime and when you are no longer here.


It is always best to draw up a will in advance. Not only is this a good way to avoid disputes and to ensure that your wishes are met, you can also protect the inheritance you leave behind in a number of different ways.

We provide the following services:


If you die without leaving a Will, your assets may not necessarily be distributed in the way you wish. It is important to ensure your Will has been carefully considered and drafted so that there are no disputes after you pass away. We offer a bespoke and competitively priced Will writing service tailored to your individual circumstances.



We understand how distressing it can be when we lose a loved one and also have to undertake the responsibilities of dealing with the estate of the person we are mourning the loss of. We are here to make this difficult time a little less stressful. We deal with all the paperwork to collecting in the estate, calculating tax liabilities, obtaining the necessary Grants from the Probate Registry, paying liabilities and distributing the estate. Our professional team are able to assist you efficiently whilst also remaining sensitive to the delicate issues.


Lasting Powers of Attorney

Life is full of uncertainties. To protect yourself from these you may wish to set up a Power of Attorney to be effective should you ever not be able or not have the capacity to deal with your Property and Finance affairs and/or your Health and Welfare. We provide guidance specific to your circumstances, prepare and register your Power of Attorney.


Deputyship Applications

There are also times when a close or loved one comes to a position where they are not able to deal with their affairs but have previously not set up a Power of Attorney. In these circumstances we are able to assist with applying to the Court of Protection for Deputyship so your loved ones continue to be taken care you.


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